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Instrument of speciality:Cello

He is an idol also.
He is training Cecil Aijima because he has more experience.

He came from a place called Silkpalace.
He is a bit bossy, but he shows kindness once in a while.And from his looks, he looks mature and attractive by his elegance.

I have had the impression that he is very strict until I watch the 2nd season of the anime.... After I watched episode 2 of season 2, the impression of his character changed so much!

I laughed so aloud when Camus showed his appearance ! It is a scene I would like to ask everyone who knows or does not know Camus to watch. The impression change totally!

But if take a look at the scene that he forced Cecil to write a report, I should say he is also strict after all. He is strict, or I would say he is firmly give guidance to Cecil who is a junior to him!

Personally I also recommend the conversation between Camus and Cecil!

Even so, what was the stick that Camus held in the first half of the anime? I am very concerned about it.... Though Camus also looks very wonderful with at stick...!

In season 2, Camus might be the one who appears most among the seniors. Anyone who cares about him even a little should watch season 2. Please check it out to find what character he is!

Also, how about have a look at character goods?

I recommend the mouse pad personally!

I like illustrations in this series very much. And features of Camus here is so great. I am enchanted by looking at his sexy appearance .... A Camus fan must have this mouse pad!

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