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“Naginata” is the type of character with the least numbers in the current Touken Ranbu. At the same time, it has most characteristic ability.

The best feature of Naginata is this! “Being able to attack a whole enemy!”

When the level is still low, he cannot be active on offense because of the low level, even if he is capable of attacking a whole enemy! But! Once he exceeds a certain level, his offensive force gets adjusted! Even though the speed is a little slow, he’s still much faster, compared to “Oodach”, who is also capable of attacking a whole enemy! Before he gets attacked by the enemy, he defeats a whole troop! This is exactly the dream-like way of fighting by Naginata!

Gather around, swords!

The representative character of such Naginata is Iwatooshi!
As he looks, he is a strong-nerved man who likes fighting. But once the battle is finished, you will see that he is a character who is “a strong and dependable older brother”, seeing him care about the player or take care of his companions!

He especially likes to take care of small characters (immature-looking characters like Tantou), and loves to play with Imano Tsurugi, whose former owner was his master! That’s what the official description says! Seeing Iwatooshi with a big body, being a strong-nerved and Imano Tsurugi with a small body, being nimble... I think that they’re just like a parent and a child, feeling so heart-warming!!!

Hahahaha, who wants to be hunted first, I wonder!

By the way, forming a party with him and other characters whose levels are too low to fight in the battle is called “Iwatooshi Kindergarten” by fans! (It’s not being sarcastic!) He can help such characters with raising their levels, making use of his strong point that he can beat a whole enemy even before they act! Those characters whose levels are low can grow without hurting themselves, since he can be in charge of both supporting them and attacking the enemy, even on the stage that they cannot challenge because of their extremely low levels!

Yes, he is exactly the “strong and dependable older brother”.
I love his personality being large-hearted but gentle as well...! Even in Doujinshi, he shows us his side being a great guardian of Tantou. It’s so heart-warming to see those scenes!

His defect is really... really...!!

High in availability...

I understand that though! He is just like Superman being so strong, kind, cool and dependable! It’s true that it’s hard to get such Iwatooshi! It’s just so hard to get him! There are so many players who do have Mikazuki Munechika but don’t have him! I’m one of them, by the way! Yes!

Anyhow, he is such a wonderful character being bright, kind and large-hearted with his innocent-looking double-tooth when he smiles... Why don’t you get fascinated by him in the game too?

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