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Mikazuki Munechika is a type of the character, called “Tachi”. This character, which was made in 11th century, is very old among all the characters in Touken Ranbu. He sometimes calls himself, “Jijii” in his lines. But this “Jijii”.... was not an ordinary man....! ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ✧

Tachi is originally a type of the sword with a well-balanced ability. The numerical value of Mikazuki Munechika’s many abilities is No.1 among all the other swords! Plus, since he is high in rarity, he can use the equipment up to three. Considering “Tanto” can use the only one equipment, this gap is big! Yes, it is a very strong sword with offence, defense and swiftness. ( *• ̀ω•́ )b

Yes, he is such a high-quality ojiichan. But you know what? His personality is so calm and gentle. He keeps his own pace, always smiling on his face. Even though he’s called, “The most beautiful sword”, he, in question, doesn’t care about it. But as the nickname, everything about him, such as his face or even his costumes is really beautiful....! As you see in his name, there’s a pattern of “Mikazuki” (a crescent moon) in his eye, which is one of his charms too.

I know many of you might want to use Mikazuki Munechika in the game from what I’ve told you in this article! But, I’m sure it will take you so much time with a hard experience to get there. _(:3」∠)_ Mikazuki Munechika is the one which is the highest in rarity, in short, it’s the last one we can get. Have a close look at his picture. Only his background is colorful, right? The icon for the kinds of swords is glittered with gold, right? That’s the proof that he is the rarest character.

But he’s too attractive for them to just give up because of such a hard availability. Mikazuki Munechika is such a strong, gentle and beautiful ojiichan. Saniwa and other players have been trying so hard making swords and fighting with enemies in Atsukashiyama on 5-4 stage where they rarely see him, to get him......

And guess what! Even though it was hard, I finally got him. (*;´□`)ゞ I was just so amazed to see him being at his own pace, even though I had expected it!!! When I took him to the store, he said to me, “I don’t know about the store so much. (・∀・)”.... When we practice fighting (PVP), he said to me, “I can lose, if you want. ★⌒(●ゝω・)b” Wait a minute, ojiichan! That’s not a good idea at all!! And what I like about him most is that I can hear what he talks when I log in the game. Mikazuki clearly talks about KanColle. Wait a minute, is it okay to talk about it?? Yes, he is always at his pace. I like to lose my pace because of his pace though. (^ω^) Are you interested in him now? Find him in the game or Doujinshi, okay?

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