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Persona5 is a game software for PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4, released in September 2016. The number of the worldly cumulative shipments of the original game is over 2,000,000! It’s getting popular not only in Japan but also all over the world.─=≡Σ((( つ╹ω╹)つ

It is not only the fifth work in Persona series but it also commemorates the series 20th anniversary! No wonder these series are going so crazy!Σd(゚∀゚ )

To me, I’d never played Persona series and finally played Persona5 for the first time. I ended up being addicted to playing it every day without working lol.(〃'∇'〃)ゝ

Let me give you a brief introduction about the story.│´ω`)ノ
A main character (a player) was slipped into the parallel world, where they call, “Palaces” (a mental world), which the villains’ distorted desires create.
As the main character seeks for Palaces, he/she realizes that the Palaces is vanished and the villains confess their sins and reform themselves by stealing “Otakara (villains’ distorted mind).
Realizing the fact, the main character (a player) formed a group called “The Phantom Thieves of Hearts”, where they steal the villains’ mind and make them reform, using the special ability called Persona Skills with other members who have become aware of the skills as well. Then they fight against the bad adults.
It’s a Picasleque novel, where the phantom thieves steal the villains’ mind and they face the villains in an evil way!

My time for playing was 100 hours.
At the beginning, since the police said to me, “You got sold by your buddy.”, I knew there was a betrayer in my team but… I was super thrilled since I couldn’t figure out who is the mastermind.

The period of time given to the player in the game is one year.
The timeframe when we beat the boss in each session is decided but it’s depending on the player how he/she proceed the game until then. Therefore, it’s relatively a free game.

They usually raise their skills by spending a school life, deepening their buddies’ bond after school or on the weekend, or even working on steeling in the “The Phantom Thieves of Hearts” and working a part-time job.

Here, let me share some attractions of Persona5!(っ´▽`)っ

First, it’s a deep story.〆(・ω・*)
We can never figure out who is a mastermind. If we knew who was a mastermind, you would know something like “Oh, they’ve dropped an advance hint here!”. It would be a deep story where we can enjoy a little different point of view.
Here’s one of the incidents called “Seishin Bousou Jiken”, which can be led by the mental world, Palaces. I bet you will be dying to know the truth, by playing the game as fast as possible, since there will be full of mysteries! Then when I finally knew the truth… I just couldn’t help but scream, “Ahhhhh!!”.(゜o゜) I felt incredibly happy when the mystery was solved.

The second attraction is that so many characters appear.( ´∀`)b
In Persona5, the characters are called “Coop”. They support the phantom thieves’ activities, by deepening the relationship and increasing the techniques for the battles, and increasing the items which are available to buy.
Each Coop has his/her own worry or issue and try to solve them through the phantom thieves’ activities.
It’s one of the best attractions of Persona5 to be able to talk to various Coop with both sexes and different ages such as a classmate, a teacher, a politician, a doctor, or a fortuneteller.

Lastly, a background music is one of the attractions as well.( ´v`)♫
As for the soundtrack of the Persona series, it’s high evaluated…
Persona5 is not an exception! The ones played in the battle part and the daily life part are just so cool!(>ω<)
The soundtrack is on sale as well. It’s a luxurious soundtrack with three CDs and recorded songs are 110 in total.
They are so awesome that we get addicted to them once we listen to, which made the game more enjoyable too.♪~(´ε` )

Furthermore, Persona5’s anime start airing in April too. Why don’t you feel the worldview of Persona5 through the game and anime?(σ´∀`)σ

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