Munakata Reisi

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Reisi Munakata is the Blue King, and also the leader of Scepter 4.

His speech is very polite, but he has a bit of a sadistic personality. However, in a battle he's very strong, so much so that even Yatogami Kurou is no match for him. Stories related to him increase in the second half of the anime, and it ends without showing much about his deep past, but you can know stories related to his past from the novel released in Japan.

In the Doujinshi, there are a lot of heartwarming stories about his time spent with his subordinates Saruhiko Fushimi and Seri Awashima. His hobby being jigsaw puzzles, he solves them in the anime as well as Doujinshi. In the book, he is depicted in an unexpected playful personality.

He's shown fighting with a sword very few times, but at the story's end, he has a showdown with Mikoto Suoh. I'm looking forward to what activities he'll perform in the sequel. By the way, why does he stand so close when he's talking to people? My heart starts beating fast just by looking.

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