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Kitagawa Yusuke is a 2nd year student studying in the Art Department of Kosei High School. A member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. His code name is “Fox”.

He is so cute that all the girls would want him! When I first saw him in the game, I screamed “So cute!” in front of the screen! Lol
His black hair and mysterious aura is just so lovely, right?

Orphaned at a young age, Yusuke currently lives in a Japanese painter’s (Madarame) house as her descendant.
Also, he’s blessed with an unmatched artistic talent and he even entered the high school, using a special scholarship.

He’s so into painting that he often makes a pose of cutting the composition of the paintings. One day, he heard a bad rumor about Madarame, who he respects as his master.

He also went through his mother’s death, which relates with Madarame’s rumor. To find out the truth of the mystery, he decided to become a member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. As the games go on, the mystery of his mother’s loss gets more clear but…..

His charm is, above all, a “GAP”, I think.

Yusuke is always cool and intelligent.
Additionally, he is a very polite and sociable person. When he visits the main character’s house, he always brings a souvenir, spending all his money even though he is a poor student.

On the contrary, he does things at his own pace and is a weird person.
For instance, when he went to the beach with other members of the Phantom Thieves Hearts, Ryuji hit on a girl. While her boyfriend scolded Ryuji, Yusuke suddenly said, “Oops!” and left there. After a while, he came back with two lobsters for his art appreciation. (He bought them, again, even though he’s so poor.)

When I saw this scene, I was about to say, “What? Why now?”

Even though Yusuke seems a little goofy like that, he has so many good points ~ such as his strength to face his mother’s loss, and his strength of justice that can never allow anybody, not even his master to do any wrong.

I would really like everybody to see various sides of Yusuke in the game or anime! Oh, don’t forget to get Jagariko (Potato Snack) when you actually play or watch! (It’s Yusuke’s favorite snack.)
Let’s cheer up Kitagawa Yusuke together!

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