【Twisted Wonderland】Its Motif Is Disney Villains! Now-Hot App Game in Japan!

Hello everyone! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!
Sorry for a sudden question but what’s your favorite Disney movie~?
Hello everyone. I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss.
Me…… Well~ Alice in Wonderland? I love it because it’s so colorful and it makes me feel like I’m in the wonderland, far away from the reality.
Alright!! Then…… Have you heard that a smartphone app game, whose theme is such a wonderful Disney movies’ villains, is now super hot in Japan!?

【Twisted Wonderland】Its Motif Is Disney Villains! Here Comes How Attractive a Now-Hot New App Game, Twisted Wonderland, Is!

So today! We’ll share the new smartphone app, Twisted Wonderland, now going viral in Japan!!
Actually, I know that. I’ve seen its commercial in Japan. I’ve known Disney movies since I was a little so I’m a little interested in this game!

What Kind of Game Is Twisted Wonderland?

In this game, you (the player) are a normal human who lives in the modern world, taking a protagonist who has awoken in an unfamiliar place, named Twisted Wonderland. You find yourself about to be enrolled in the prestigious magic training school, NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE. There, you will have a school life with unique students while seeking for how you can go back to the previous world.
By the way, NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE is a four-year boys’ school, allowing students to enroll with the recommendation from the school.
That means the players who were invited (summoned?) must have magic power even though they are humans, no?
Nope. They can’t even ride a flying broom, or use any magic at all.
Then why were they invited to NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE……
It looks like there is a secret behind it. Alright then, let’s take a look at more details about NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE!

What is the Story’s Set, NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE like?

It’s a school, where students learn the motto of the seven Heroes “Great Seven”, who existed in Twisted Wonderland before. The students who enter this school are divided into seven dormitories and have a school life by the rules of each dorm made.
This statue…… I’ve seen this character before……
Yes! The seven Heroes, “Great Seven” are the Disney Villains, who have appeared in Disney movies! Let’s take a look at the dorms which carry on the motto of “Great Seven”, and the boarding students! By the way…… all the character designs and settings are drawn by the artist of Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), Toboso Yana-Sensei!! She paid homage to the Disney characters, which became a motif in this title, to details such as their appearances or personalities! She’s so popular!!

SEVEN Dorms and Characters at NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE!

Heartslabyul Dormitory

It has five members: from the left,
  • Deuce Spade:(1st grader)
  • Cater Diamond:(3rd grader)
  • Riddle Rosehearts:(2nd grader: the leader of the dorm)
  • Trey Clover:(3rd grader: the sub leader of the dorm)
  • Ace Trappola:(1st grader)
The motif is Alice in Wonderland.
Heartslabyul was founded on the severity of “the Queen of Hearts”. The students who are assigned in this dorm have to follow the rules by the Queen of Hearts. All the rules (under Article 810) really don’t make sense such as “The tea after meal has to be a lemon tea with two pieces of cube sugar”, “They must not eat marron tart at ‘the party held on normal days’”, and they are monitored very strictly under these rules every day. For those who break the rules…… of course……

Savanaclaw Dormitory

It has three members: from the left,
  • Ruggie Bucchi:(2nd grader)
  • Leona Kingscholar:(3rd grader: the leader of the dorm)
  • Jack Howl:(1st grader)
The motif is The Lion King.
It was founded on the stubbornness of the King of Beasts. Students, who not only are high skilled in magic but also in sports, are assigned to this dorm. Since most students like competing or fighting, they tend to be thought to be a “group of delinquent students” by other boarders.

Octavinelle Dormitory

It has three members: from the left,
  • Floyd Leech:(2nd grader)
  • Azul Ashengrotto:(2nd grader: the leader of the dorm)
  • Jade Leech:(2nd grader: the sub leader of the dorm)
The motif is The Little Mermaid.
It was founded on the “pity” of the Sea Witch. The students here started to manage the café called “Mostro Lounge” at school last year and they donate 10% of the profit to school. Octavinelle dorm is located in the sea so the boarding students usually look like humans by taking medicines but their actual figures are mostly mermaid.

Scarabia Dormitory

It has two members: from the left,
  • Jamil Viper:(2nd grader: the sub leader of the dorm)
  • Kalim Al-Asim:(2nd grader: the leader of the dorm)
The motif is Aladdin.
It was founded on the “meticulous” planning of the Sorcerer of the Sand. Most students are thoughtful and brilliant. Many students’ academic performances are high, so they tend to compete against the students at Octavinelle dorm on each exam.

Pomefiore Dormitory

It has three members: from the left,
  • Epel Felmier:(1st grader)
  • Vil Schoenheit:(3rd grader: the leader of the dorm)
  • Rook Hunt:(3rd grader: the sub leader of the dorm)
The motif is Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.
It was founded on the “heavy efforts” of the Beautiful Queen. Most students here are good at potions or magic and they have their own sense of beauty because this dorm was founded on the Beautiful Queen.

Ignihyde Dormitory

It has two members: from the left,
  • Idia Shroud:(3rd grader: the leader of the dorm)
  • Ortho Shroud:(the grade, unknown: Idia’s younger brother)
The motif is Hercules.
It was founded on the “perseverance” of the King of the Underworld. Most students seem introvert and they are rarely seen outside of school. There exists another culture, where they incorporate the latest technology beside magic.

Diasomnia Dormitory

It has four members: from the left,
  • Sebek Zigvolt:(1st grader)
  • Malleus Draconia:(3rd grader: the leader of the dorm)
  • Lilia Vanrouge:(3rd grader)
  • Silver:(2nd grader)
The Motif is Sleeping Beauty.
It was founded on the “elegance” of the Witch of Thorns. Most students are good at magic and they have more noble and intimidating atmosphere than the ones from other dorms. Especially the chief of this dorm, Malleus Draconia, is a descendant of the fairy tribe, who has outstanding skills of magic in the world, so everybody is scared of him at school.
Wow~! We kind of know who picks which chara as a motif, huh? By the way, who is your favorite character, Saori?
Thank you for asking!! I appreciate your question!!!!!! My favorite character is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vil Schoenheit –Sama, who belongs to Pomefiore Dormitory!!
This chara’s motif is, I guess, a stepmother who appears in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, right?
I think so. (It’s not sure because it hasn’t been announced officially yet) Vil-Sama is the leader of Pomefiore Dormitory and he is also a super famous model at the magic world too. He is also known to be an influencer with 5,000,000 followers in social media of the magic world.
I have another reason why I came to like him though. Vil-Sama is super stoic when it comes to beauty. He makes efforts as much as he can. He never be lazy making himself look more beautiful. As the leader of the dorm, he is strict both to himself and to the students junior to him…… However, he is super caring. While having a sense of beauty, he never pushes his way of thinking to others. He never likes someone being lazy but never shows off his beauty……Not just his appearance but he also has a manly and beautiful personality……!
Wow~ the character’s setting is perfectly created, huh?
Right! Especially for the Disney movie lovers who found your favorite one from the seven above! Give it a try! This is such a high-quality smartphone game with detailed character designs, the scenario which was paid homage to the original by the artist, Toboso Yana-Sensei, the rhythm game and the PvP……!

Theme Song - Piece of my world

More To Come! Check HERE for Twisted Wonderland’s Doujinshi!
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I’m not sure if it will be animated but I really want this to be animated~! If it releases overseas, why don’t you give it a try! This is absolutely fun to play!
Already now! We’ll see you all at the next article! Bye now~!

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