【Iruma-kun】How Attractive the THREE Main Chara Are!

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【Here Comes the Season 2!!】
You’ll Know Iruma-kun in FIVE Minutes!
Since Season 2 will be broadcasted in spring, 2021, we have a little more to go but this is the article about Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, which was so popular after it aired in 2019!
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Yes! So the last time, we shared mainly the outline so you can read it in five minutes but this time…… I’ll introduce THREE main chara more deeply!
If you read the last one and this one, you will be perfectly ready for Season 2, huh?

【Iruma-kun】Prepare for Season 2 Vol.2!
Get to Know How Attractive the THREE Main Chara Are!

So! Here are the THREE main chara which we’ll introduce today! Since there will be some spoilers, this is the article only for those who want to review real quick!

Suzuki Iruma

He is the main character of this story. A 14-year-old boy.
He is terribly coward that he works for his parents who never work. He cannot say no when people ask for favors. He is very kind and doesn’t like conflict.
One day, he is sold to a demon, Sullivan, by his parents. He willingly accepted it because he knows that his parents will get money from it. Now his life in the Demon World starts.
Fortunately, Sullivan, who really wanted a grandson, adopted him as his grandson. He enrolled Iruma in the Babyls School for Demons, where he is the headmaster, and where Iruma quickly befriends other demons……! Yes, that’s the Demon school!
Physically, Iruma has a high ability to avert a crisis because of his tough situation in life, where he had to make money for living. His personality is super coward so he tends to be make fun of just because he is a human but actually, he ends up making friends with lots of demons.
As for his academic performances, it’s hard for him to get good grades just because he is a human. (Even though Sullivan was trying to spoil him by telling him that he could give him the correct answers, using his headmaster’s authority, he declined it politely.)
Instead, he’s been trying so hard, wanting to learn new things fairly with his demon friends.

Asmodeus Alice

He got No.1 for the entrance exam at school. He is one of the top elite demon students from the prestigious family. He takes great pride in his abilities and fire magic. He is polite too.
Since he got the No.1 grade from the entrance exam, he was the one who makes a speech as the representative of the 1st grader at the entrance ceremony, but the headmaster, Sullivan had Iruma-Kun do that part just because he loved his grandson so much. Armodeus, who thought Iruma had ruined his special day, challenged him to a duel.
But, however hard he attacked Iruma-Kun, he couldn’t beat him, since Iruma-Kun had an overwhelming power of averting any attacks. Asmodeus finally decided to follow Iruma-Kun under the rule “The lost demon has to obey the winner.”
Since then, Asmodeus has become the best friend with Iruma-Kun, teaching various things about Demon World to him, who is not familiar with the world yet.
Since he is smart, he can do almost everything he wants to but sometimes he messes up things because he focuses too much on Iruma-Kun. He hates seafood.

Valac Clara

She is known for her eccentricity and energetic goofball personality.
Always wanting to play with someone, she has become a troublemaker at school. Most students can’t keep up with her. Clara is able to perfectly recreate or summon any item, object or person she has seen previously.
Since she had no friends, she would have them use the ability as “payment” for playing with her. However, she started wanting her real friend, the one she could simply play with her, when she met Iruma-Kun, who transferred to her school.
Iruma-Kun willingly accepted her wanting to play with her. She really thanked him for becoming her friend. Now she has been spending such a great time every day with Asmodeus, supporting Iruma-Kun.
By the way, she is super cute when she is not talking.
I mean, she is super cute even if she is talking.
Here, Iruma-Kun, who is a human but the coward one, Asmodeus, who is smart but somehow clumsy, and Valac, who is a trouble maker…… these three make this anime so much fun!
If you want to see how these three turn out to be, go check the anime version! Let’s review Season 1 and prepare for 2021 together!!
Already now! This is all for today! We’ll see you all at the next article!! Bye now~!

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