No Doubt to Get the Butterflies! Latest Conan Movie


No Doubt to Get the Butterflies! Movie-Version Conan “Karakurenai no Love letter”!




Mafuyu(^q^): Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Otaku Republic!


A movie-version Meitantei Conan (Case Closed) was released the other day.

I went to watch it just like I did last year. (This is the article that I wrote last year.)



Since the director produced this movie, with the concept, ‘Return to the Source’, the movie was full of Conan himself: being true, original and natural, and I thought, “this is IT! This is Meitantei Conan that we know!”


The stage in this movie is Kyoto and Osaka.


Speaking of Kyoto and Osaka....


Heiji and Kazuha!!!!


Heiji is super shy and super insensitive when it comes to loving people! And Kazuha can never be honest even though she knows she loves Heiji so much.


In the original, there was a scene where Heiji found such a romantic place to confess his love to her, just like the place where Shinichi actually confessed his love to Ran. We all thought that he would finally confess but...


Will a romance develop for both of them...????


So today! We’re going to share the BEST parts of a movie-version Case Closed, “Karakurenai no Love letter(から紅の恋歌)” with you guys!




1. A woman who says she is Heiji’s fiancé showed up


Her name is Ooka Momiji(大岡紅葉).


She is a high school student and also a champion of the karuta* competition.

*karuta=Japanese playing cards


Beautiful. And has big boobs.


She insists that Heiji and she promised that they would get married when they were still little. And she ended up offering Kazuha a karuta competition (Hyakunin-Isshu*) over “Who’s gonna be Heiji’s wife”.

*Hyakunin-Isshu- a classical Japanese anthology of one hundred Japanese waka by one hundred poets.


Even though Kazusa is a member of the karuta club but she also belongs to the Aikido club and has never participated in the karuta competition before.

In that overwhelmingly unfair condition for her, such a competitive Kazuha accepted the offer and...?


We cannot keep our eyes off from this competition by Momiji and Kazuha over the love toward Heiji!



2. The keys of the accidents are “Hyakunin Isshu” and “Love”


In this movie, two accidents, which are mainly focused on a distinguished group in karuta competition (Hyakunin Isshu), happen in Osaka and Kyoto.


One of the characteristics of Hyakunin Isshu is that most of the poems are sad, written by 100 poets selected by Fujiwara no Sadaie.


What’s the sad truth, hidden under the sad poems...?

This movie is a very sad story, just like Meitantei Conan that we watch.


3.How is the love of Heiji and Kazuha developed?


Even though Heiji and Kazuha love with each other, there’s not much development in their love.

But we feel a strong bond between them in this movie.


I couldn’t help but cry when I saw Kazuha, who trained so hard on Hyakunin Isshu for Heiji and Heiji, who tried to save Kazusa at any risk...


What’s more? One of the scenes reminded me of THAT scene, which Heiji and Kazuha’s fans love!!! I was so excited that I’d almost scream something in the movie theater!! Aawesome!!!!


Heiji and Kazuhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We cannot help but smile... I bet you’ll get the butterflies when you read it


It’s a full of various elements in this movie “Karakurenai: action, love & Comedy... and a sad accident...


And read the comic that was released on April 12th, if you want to follow their story!

This comic only includes the ones with Heiij and Kazuha!


Especially, I like the episode, hitsukakebashi.

I bet you will have some butterflies so please read it!


Alright so this is all for today~!


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