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He is 20 years old,and good looking university student. He is very friendly to everyone, but difficult to treat. Even close friends do not know what he is thinking. But for him Shin and the main character is very important as he can not live without them.

I like the scene where Shin, the main character, and Touma are there together a lot!

Like a big brother, the way Touma treats the other two looks so reliable. In the anime, there are a lot of scenes of him where he cares for the main character a lot to support her, and sceneries like that makes me feel comforted.

Rather, I feel so envious towards the main character! I want to be cared for by Touma too, and I want a childhood friend who is like a big brother, like Touma.

In Amnesia, my most favorite character is Touma, so I am looking forward to how he will be depicted in the Anime! I hope I get to see the cool Touma!

This voice actor is very popular and acted as Sakai Yuji from Shakugan no Shana.

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