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Todoroki Shouto is one of the main characters, Deku’s classmates, who is in class 1-A of Hero Department at Eiyu Gakuin!!! He was born on January 11th. His height is 176cm (5 feet 7 inches). His favorite food is Soba (not the hot one) !(^q^)!

Just like Yaoyorozu Momo, he was the one who was selected to Eiyu Gakuin as an honor student under the quota of recommendations. He is considered as the strongest student in the class both on mental and physical mind. Plus, he’s elite as well! He is the son of Endeavor with the ability of fire, who was said to be the second top hero after All Might. He’s handsome tooヽ(●´∀`)人(´∀`●)ノ!!!

His Quirk is Fire and Ice (半冷半燃 Hanrei Hannen, Half-Cold Half-Hot), which makes the left side of his body control fire and the right side ice! It’s like a carnival of fire and ice! Represent such Quirk, he is odd-eyed with the right side of his hair white and the left, red_(●ω○)/

After he entered Eiyu Gakuin, he instantly defeated multiple enemies, freezing a whole building, all by himself, during interpersonal battle training. He is strong not only as a hero but as a warrior! Then he said, “Sorry, it looks like our levels were too different” to the enemies. Mmm... he’s so bossy, isn’t he? (^_^;)

“My mother poured me boiling water, saying that my left side was ugly.”

Even though Todoroki has ‘Half-Cold Half-Hot’ Quirk (Cold Quirk handed down from his mother and Hot Quirk handed down from his father), he’s determined that he would never use the Fire Quirk during battle. The reason lies in his past......

Yes, that scars from the burn on the left side of his face under the red hair.... You’ll see why he’s got the scars and why he’s been captured by his origin in the sports festival story of the volume 3 of its manga. (The sports festival is just like an Olympic in Eiyu Gakuin!) Todoroki-Kun has been suffering from his existence with those powers, even though they are so powerful. You should never miss the sports festival story, where we can figure out how he will accept his existence and how he will overcome it and what is his hope...!!!

Aaaand, what’s more? His charms are his personality of being cool??? (or maybe just goofy???), and such a passionate mind that he really wants to be a hero!!! Even though he always stands out with his cool and adult-like behavior, never having mercy towards the enemies, he is never a cold person. The bossy remarks that he sometimes shows us are just his honest opinions when he evaluates peoples’ abilities objectively. They are not from his arrogant or high-handed personality.

After the sports festival story as I mentioned above, he starts showing us his mild and natural aspect, being released from his own fetters! Maybe he’s just clumsy! Cute! Go check it out and actually see him! (*´`)

What kind of hero is Todoroki going to be like? Let’s stay with him, watching his growth and great work!!!

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