Lucky Star (らき☆すた)

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I think “Lucky Star” is a long-lasting contents. The original is a four panel comic strip by Kagami Yoshimizu and it is in the magazine “Comptiq” At the first, this manga was only for fill blank pages but it became popular and has been serialized in the magazine. Afterward, his manga has been appeared in “Shonen Ace” and other magazines gradually. Through drama CDs and Nintendo DS games, the manga has been made into anime by Kyoto Animation in 2007. Opening denpa song and dance became a hot topic for discussion. I sing the song at karaoke even now.

There are four main characters. They are Japanese high school girls go to Ryoo Gakuen High School. (In the original manga, they go to college.) Main character, Konata Izumi is a typical type of otaku. She knows most anime from the one before her time to the latest bishojo games. (Including adult games.) Whatta freaky girl!! (In good way (=ω=.) Konata’s close friends Hiiragi sisters are twins who were born to a shrine. Kagami is a “tsundere” type of person with bunches, and Tsukasa is a peaceful soothing type of person. They get dressed in miko’s clothes on New Year. Emiri Kato and Kaori Fukuhara play Kagami and Tsukasa’s voice in anime, and they are like real Hiiragi sisters. Their close relationship is enough to form a duo. Washinomiya Shrine (located in Saitama) is a model of Hiiragi sisters’house. It became a hot spot for otaku pilgrims.
And don’t forget one more character, Miyuki Takara. She is a beautiful and having excellent grade girl from a wealthy family. Also she is a meganekko and has big boobs. Miyuki is very acknowledgeable and talks to everyone using the super polite Japanese. But on the other side, sometimes she makes stupid mistakes. She is the one who shows moe.

The story goes on slowly with four girls, their underclass students and families. In the anime, there was an episode of Konata’s mom (CV: Sumi Shimamoto!). I was moved to tears. There are mom’s character songs so please listen to it at least once!!

The four girls have various beloved personalities, so it is difficult to pick up the best one but I pick main character, Konata!! I am an otaku too, so sometimes I emphasize with her behavior and want to follow her with entire my life! She is a true otaku! Konata has great athletic ability, but she is an indoor person who rarely utilizes this talent. She’s not communication disorder, so she has a part time job at a maid café.
I envy her a little bit because she speaks up and appeals what she likes to friends even if it is difficult to comprehend to others.
Let’s speak out together!

“Viva flat-chest! It’s rare and wonderful!!”

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