Suikoden (水滸伝)

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If you ask me “do you know any interesting RPG?”, I recommend Suikoden series. When this was released, the blurb was “Hey PlayStation, THIS is RPG!”. The story and challenge is as the blurb says.

This game has an established reputation for its interesting story. Explaining straight forward way, the central character living in the midst of war’s chaos comes into possession of the Rune of Life and Death (also known as the Soul Eater) which leads him to be involved in gear of destiny deeply and recruits warriors to “change the world”.
Actually, this game is based on Chinese famous romantic novel “Suikoden”. Since the story is interesting, it is somehow difficult than ordinary PRG, but when you get into it, it is very fun. Good operability and story, much fanatical music, exhilaration you feel and everything is positive!

The keys of the story are “Rune” and “108 warriors”. You may think “108 warriors? What? Do I need to recruit all of them?!” but you will feel immersed in it (*^_^*) These warrior have a great individuality and make the game more interesting. There are so many characters that you will find your favorite just like AKB48! It is fun to recruit characters and to see a base develops depends on the number of characters recruited! Basically people have collector’s soul lol If you think it is bothering, don’t worry, you can beat the game without recruiting them all (・ω<)

It is popular series and remains perennial favorites. For who plays Suikoden first time, I recommend start from 1. But if you want to play the most interesting one, 2 receives the highest rating. Even if you play from 2, you can understand.

Personally, I like one of the central characters of 3 Chris who has platinum hair. She is beautiful and noble and has carrier-woman-like atmosphere but she has cute aspects that she is bad at romance and poor at acting. Chris, oh cute Chris!!! Since story is less explains in 3, I don’t recommend starting from 3 but Chris is cute.

There is 1 and 2 set for PSP. How about starting from this?

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