Lucky Dog 1 (ラッキードッグ1)

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The setting of the game was during the Prohibition Era in the U.S. Executive members of a mafia group, “CR-5”, were under arrest. At that time, Gian, a minor member of the group was also in the custody. The CR-5 executives told Gian to “breake out the jail” with the members. If the attempt succeeds, CR-5 offered to make Gian to be a boss in return. The story unfolded in this sensational way.

The theme is the mafia. The story is cool and thrilling, so you wouldn’t get board to the end. The story was unique because it seems male and female scenario writer co-worked. The words of the characters are bloody and curse, but that made distinguish the entire story’s world outlaw.

Four needs to be manipulated. The executive characters were unique. My first impression of the character was flipped with each rout. I played all day long because I was anxious to see what developed as Gian would encounter each character who has traumatic experience.

The eldest of the four executives. He was easy to get into, calling Gian, “Darling“ and “Honey”. He was also the eldest brother type, but sometimes he showed weakness to Gian. That made me feels he was cute and fascinated me.

He is a good-looking guy with some mystery. Gradually, he got closer to Gian. That made me frustrated and I played the game with a smile.

He was a professional assassin. If I described him in a word, he was cool but obsessive. He loved Gian enthusiastically and clumsy. That made me feel he was cool and cute: absolutely it is gap-moe.

He was three years younger than Gian. He had a cool but hostile nature. I really loved his furious and easy to understand character.

My heart was racing when I see the erotic characters in the still images. I could not stop feeling good when Gian blushed his face with erotic scene. Over all people have their own taste, but erotic scene with Gian and other characters were so dense. The voice characters were all acclaimed with the adult mood, which made me more fascinated: absolutely it brings more moe. CDs of the drama are also sold. If you listen to them with the game, I am sure you will totally get involved immediately with the world of CR-5.

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