Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup!) (おおきく振りかぶって)

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Big Windup! is a baseball anime which protagonist is unprecedented timid pitcher Mihashi.

He suffers some kind of trauma of baseball club of junior high school and he lacks confidence in his pitching. The story starts from the day he joined Nhishiura high school(*´ω`*) He has no idea of high school baseball but he visited baseball club just for watching their play baseball.

There was a trouble before Mihashi joins the baseball club. It is great that there is awkwardness between Mihashi and Abe who is a catcher first but they gradually feel comfortable with one anobuild up trust!!

I did not have knowledge and interest about baseball at all before watching Big Windup! on TV (´・ω・`) Among baseball comics, Big Windup! is slow and there are beginner and former softball player among Nishiura high school baseball club. I though this is a chance to learn baseball. I learned ballpark rule and position from this anime(*´∀`)

Conflict, anxiety and bearish attitude of Mihashi remind me of my teenage when I felt indescribably insecure. It is not too much to say that Abe’s deep sense of confidence and Hanai’s meeting captain role having romantic notions about third baseman Tajima are mannish (・∀・)! I think this is distinct characteristic of Big Windup!, coach of the club is female(゜_゜)! The coach Momoe Maria spends most of her salary to the club. I think it is as a woman but she is a very talented coach! (・∀・)

The character I like the most is Abe. It is laughable that Abe bears his upset over Mihashi for his ideal. When I notice, he is the most favorite character (゜_゜) The final straw which made me like Abe is the scene he worms up in his mind “I really want get the team win!” at practice game with Mihoshi academy. I like the episode of practice game with Mihoshi academy the most (*´∀`) There are many favorite scenes in the episode.
Especially, the scene Mihashi hurls as Abe said even though Mihashi knew it would get hammered and it get hammered actually. Mihashi confesses to Abe, feels down by the result, he knew it would get hammered and Abe becomes furious saying “Why didn’t you tell me?!”. I couldn’t stop grinning seeing they becoming battery (*´ω`*)

I guess the reason I like Big Windup! is I wanted to spend such younger days (´・ω・`) I was little envious of their clashing with each other, laugh, cry and hanging on with all their might and I felt as if I share some of their blossom of youth (*´∀`*)

The story is filled with laughter, tears and innocent feelings you can say you like what you like. You can gain many things from this anime. You better watch and read Big Windup! definitely!!

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