Dynasty Warriors (三國無双)

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“Dynasty Warriors” series are popular games developed and published by Koei (present Tecmo Koei Games) in 1997. Basically this is about “Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms” and years around it. And it is a 3D fighting game using famous warriors in historical battles, then beat enemies.

The appealing point of this game is that exhilarations during play, after all. Characters players use are all famous warriors so players can defeat soldiers one after another. (´v`)=3 I have never felt this game is boring even I’ve been playing all the time!! And depends on warriors, you can use individual skills. So, you will enjoy many variations of defeating ways. (`・ω・´)=3 There is one more point that I enjoyed, and it is that many missions will be given due to the happenings at battle fields. Or, if you feel enemies are too weak to fight against, depends on series, you can change difficulty level by meet conditions. When I played this game in high difficulty level, I did exciting battles with enemy side famous warriors, and I couldn’t be cool for a while!! Sometimes I set the difficulty too high, so it was out of control. (;^_^)

Many available characters appear in later “Dynasty Warriors” series. However, before you start this game I want you to do kind of research of warriors, because it’s up to you if you like the characters. My favorite character is Guan Yu and Yunchang. These characters are Liu Bei’s blood brother. Liu Bei is going to be an emperor of Shu. Shu is one of the Three Kingdom. Guan Yu is so attractive for me because of his devastating strength, way of his life and pride as a warrior. (`・ω・´)=3 Not only in this game, but actually he is known as one of the best brave general in history. I like anecdotes so I couldn’t help being attracted to him!! And Guan Yu’s high-minded personality left many anecdotes, it is said that even enemy generals respected him. That part has been shown in this game, so if you play, you must be attracted to him like me and past enemy generals. (´v`)=3

“Dynasty Warriors” series are fun-filled games that you can enjoy exhilarations and fierce battles with cool and cute characters. It is possible to do multi play in later series, so try to play with your friends. (* `・ω・´)

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