Sangoku Rensenki (三国恋戦記)

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Sangoku Renseki is a game that deals with a story of Hana Yamada, who was transported back to the world of (similar to) the three kingdom saga(Sanguozhi), and the warriors that were trying to unite the kingdoms.

The game features “story part” which you develop a story by choosing various options, and “strategy meeting part”. At first you may think the strategy meeting part is difficult but you will have a support once you get a partner.

This is a game which the player enjoys a feeling of “first love”.

Hana has never been in love and feels loneliness and isolation by coming to the different world. Hana starts becoming a friend with a man who stays close to her. However, as two are in the battlefield, sometimes there are situations where two don’t communicate well or one has to put the work over the friendship.

This game describes how the two nurture love even in the midst of the challenges! The story is wonderful and deals with peoples’ interaction in more detail than other Otome games so it’s a must-check item for those who like Otome games!

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