Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) (黒執事)

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Black Butler is representative “butler comic” in Japan with cumulative sales more than 15 million.

One day, wealthy aristocracy boy Ciel Phantomhive lost his parents by murder and got abducted. He was sold and almost used as scapegoats for black mass. He successfully escaped from the organization by making an agreement with a devil Sebastian Michaelis.
After that, he returned to the Phantomhives and took over business title president of his father’s toy and confection company “Phantom” and the roll called “watchdog of Queen” who accepts crap job and management of British underground community.
Ciel breaks various cases to hunt and revenge the criminal who killed his parents and spirited him. Sebastian works with Ciel to honor the contract “Being hand and foot for Ciel and protect him until Ciel exacts revenge on the criminal”!

This comic is very popular which is still being published in serial form and made into anime twice!
This is classified as dark fantasy. Ciel and Sebastian are embroiled in mysterious and terrible cases. It is so cool that Ciel and Sebastian break the cases in good combination!
Ciel is a boy who is still 13 years old but he has a presence of mind, is arrogant, stands up for adversity and holds his head up. Sebastian attaches a high value to Ciel’s dignified attitude!
Sebastian is Mr. Perfect and courteous to everyone (except for Death God Grell Sutcliff). The paring with strong attitude of Ciel is attractive! However, Sebastian sometimes makes a sarcastic remark in a sophisticated tone of voice. It is wonderful that he is a snake in the grass!

These attractive characters are depicted in anime and comic. I especially like the drawing of comic! The drawing of the author is very beautiful and deformation of characters in gag scene is very cute and develops character’s appeal at maximum in every scene!
The anime was broadcast twice and the end was different from comic. Please check the comic which is still being published in serialized form! I am sure you feel tempted to Sebastian’s representative quotes “Yes, my load” and “Because I am one hell of a butler”!

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