Echizen Ryoma

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School:Seishun Academy
Play style:All-rounder
Techniques:Twist Serve,Ten'i Muhō No Kiwami

He is the main character of this story and a genius tennis player.
He won the first place of the junior tournament in US for the fourth straight year and then entered the Seishun Academy just after coming back to Japan.

He is a student of the junior high school who looks his age. He is cheeky and hates losing.
He talks straight even to the senior students without feeling afraid.
But, his ability of tennis is genuine and beated tennis players all over the Japan in a lot of tournanments.

Among numerous games, the game against Toyama Kintarou of Shitenhouji Junior High School is a very exciting battle in which both players show far higher quality than freshman's level.
He basically is a cool character. But he sometimes show his smile which is innocent but aweless and it makes him lovely person.

In Doujinshi, he shows up a lot with Toyama Kintarou, and also Kunimitsu Tezuka , who is a Teaching Assistant of tennis class in school.

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