Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V (遊戯王ARC-V)

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Sakaki Yuya / Akaba Reiji / Shiunin Sora / Jack Atlas

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V is a 5th TV anime work of Yu-Gi-Oh! Series broadcasted since April of 2014.

This takes place at Maiami City, where a card game battle called “Action Duels” is popular using a movie with mass (as known as Solid Vision). There are some kinds of cram schools for card duels at the city including “Leo Duel School (or LDS)”.

The main character Sakaki Yuya is a 14-year-old boy going to You Show Duel School, dreaming of becoming an “entertainment Duelist”, who enables people to enjoy with card duels like his father.

One day, he receives an invitation letter of exhibition match from The Sledgehammer, who is the current champion.

Although everyone around Yuya tries to stop him to attend the match, he decides to choose to fight with the champion. The opponent is tremendously strong and Yuya is getting more and more difficult to win.

At the time, what he remembers is his father’s voice. Actually, his father used to be a champion of Action Duels, but he was missing just before the match with The Sledgehammer 3 years ago.

“If you want to win, you should move forward with your courage”.

Remembering his father’s words, Yuya tries to fight not to give up the match. Suddenly his Pendulum at the chest starts shining as if it answered Yuya’s spirit not to give up.

Yuya starts a new way of summoning “Pendulum Summon”, which hasn’t existed until then.

Yuya gains suddenly this strong power and is able to attend the next match. However, he meets boys looking like himself, Yuto and Yugo.

When the 3 boys face each other, Yuya’s gears of fate start moving finally…

This story is Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, with the main theme of Action Duels.

As the feature of this work, there are less daily descriptions drawn and the story moves well and fast.
Thanks to the explanation of the detailed summoning rules, even someone who has not watched Yu-Gi-Oh! Series can enjoy this work.

What makes this work more interesting is not only the fresh story that the same faces people with the main character Yuya appear, but also the duel scenes that I personally think!

In the duel scenes, all the summoning ways which have been shown so far (for example, fusion・Synchro Summon・Xyz Summon) as well as Pendulum Summon need to be handled, so the duel content cannot be simple and worth watching!

The direction before the summoning is very treated well, and I was not able to stop saying “Oh!” when I watched it at the first time!

Not only the duel scenes, but also how Yuya grows up dreaming of becoming an “entertainment Duelist” is drawn well, so you can definitely enjoy the story itself.
I look forward what kind of techniques Yuya will show us in the anime next☆

You guys also should watch Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V!

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