Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) (逆転裁判)

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Ace Attorney and Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth are courtroom battle gem belong to the genre of mystery adventure games(*´∀`*)

The protagonist of Ace Attorney series are different from 1 to 5. Personally, I like the protagonist of 1, Naruhodou Ryuichi. He is pure-hearted man on the side of angel! He is so kind that it takes a turn which I want to say “Oh, no!” At the same time, his good-naturedness sometimes evokes my guilty feeling lol

The protagonist of Ace Attorney Investigations Mitsurugi Reiji is rather strong-minded. He is a committed cold-blooded prosecutor who values only “absolute conviction by perfect proof”. However, as considerable experiences accumulate, he considers the ideal future of prosecutor. Actually, he is a popular character among Ace Attorney series!(*´ω`*) I think he is the most handsome among Ace Attorney series(*´∀`)

Not only Naruhodou and Mitsurugi but there are many individualistic characters. Heroines of Ace Attorney series such as Ichijou Mikumo has access at times to the "Little Thief", a device capable of creating a hologram of the crime scene, allowing the player to explore the events of a crime as it happened in detail. A direct report of the protagonist Mitsurugi called “detective Itonoko” who is often shortchanged on pay. Am I the only one fell other characters have such a strong individuality that protagonist does not have much presence? lol

By the way, I like Yahari Masashi. He is such a troublemaker that people say there is Yahari hidden in an incidence! I have an emotional attachment to him because of his element of surprise. In Ace Attorney 1, he was a son of a gun selling steamed bean-jam bun but in Ace Attorney 3, he challenges children’s book author. Personally, I like him the most among Ace Attorney series(・∀・)! But since he is a skirt chaser and has no luck with women, he would be deceived by honeyed word and come back to part-time worker (*´∀`)

I think the most impressive scene of Ace Attorney is the scene Yahari talks with Auchi after Yahari got dumped by a female victim! I laughed despite of myself(ノ´∀`*) Yahari pigheadedly said “How dare you say that to the best couple of the century! It is only just she does not answer the phone and denies meeting me!” and Auchi replied bluntly “Society sees it dumpee!” I got a great laugh lol

Ace Attorney Investigations is a spin-off of Ace Attorney. It uses only interpretation of the world of Ace Attorney. Since Mitsurugi Reiji is very popular, for us who played Ace Attorney, it is very happy that we can use the character(・∀・)

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