Eyeshield 21 (アイシールド21)

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Eyeshield 21 is a comic and anime about American football. The central character is a bullied child, Kobayakawa Sena. One day, Hiruma Youichi, captain of American football club saw Sena running from bad boys. Sena could run very fast. Hiruma forced Sena to join the club. To hide his identity, he wears eyeshield when he plays American football. Because if Mamori, Sena’s protective friend from childhood, notices Sena belongs to the club, she will let him resign the club saying it is too dangerous.
Since American football is a minor sport in Japan, the club is short for members. Hiruma is called “devil”. He has a notebook in which everyone’s weakness they want to hide is written. By using the note, he recruits members. Actually, he has the most incredible emotion with American football. It is moving that those members who were forced to play American football get serious gradually. It makes your heart pound to see if Sena can hide his identity since Mamori became a manager of the club!

This story will bring a lump to your throat. Trough American football, wimp Sena becomes strong. There are two important players who affected Sena. One is Sin Seijurou. He is a running back of Oujou White Knights and the player Sena admires. The other is Kaitani Riku. Riku and Sena were friends when they were young. He is the person who taught Sena how he can run fast and running back of Seibu Wild Gunmans. The match between Damon Devil Bats and Seibu Wild Gunmans is one of my favorite episodes.
I’ll tell you my favorite episodes two more. One is about Sakuraba Haruto, wide receiver of Oujou White Knights. While he is a very popular idle, he is American football play is so-so. I like the episode which portrayed his suffer. And the other is about Takekura Gen. He played American football when he was junior high school student with Hiruma. He quit the school to take over the family business after his father got seriously wounded.

It was a hot topic that voice actor of Hiruma is Tamura Atsushi, a popular comedian. He hosts many program. He is especially good at pranking and his pranking show is very famous. He is often said he resembles Hiruma. And finally he was chosen as Hiruma’s voice actor.
Here I tell you Eyeshield 21 trivia. Sena is named after Ayrton Senna da Silva. His father’s name is Shuma and his mother’s name is Mihae. Their names are named after Michael Schumacher.

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