Youkai Watch (妖怪ウォッチ)

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One day during the summer holiday, the main character goes into the forest for insect catching and finds a mysterious Gachapon (capsule-toy vending machine). When he turns the button, guess what? Not the ghost or the evil but the Youkai came out from it!!

“Youkai Watch” as you can see it in the title, is just like a watch with cool lenses. But the real way of using is to look for the true figure of Youkai, which hide in the forest, by watching the scenery through the lenses!

It has made a huge hit of 1,000,000 series in Japan, after Nintendo 3D soft was released in 2013! (゜∇ ゜) Of course I have it too! The content of the game is to make friends with Youkai who he encounters and solve the mysterious incidents that happen in town together!

(*´∀`) Raising, Battle, and Exploring... it’s a rule of the right type RPG game but to me, it’s interesting since the battle side is more specialized than other games! Usually, we fight with one enemy at a time in this kind of PRG game. But in this game, we fight with three allies against three enemies, six characters in total at the same time! Each Youkai has very unique feature, battles are always fresh even if we set up the same Youkai! We attach to Youkai more and more and enjoy this game as we explore together, so we never get bored both when we just start playing it and when we have played it so many times! That’s one of the attractions of this game!

Now, even though I said battle is one of the attractions of this game but... of course! All the characters are so charming as well! (☆ω☆*) First, we have Jibanyan, which is a red cat Youkai and Whisper, which looks like a white ghost! They are both mascot characters of Youkai Watch and explore the town with the main character as well!

(*>v<)ゞ To all the cat lovers in the world! Here’s good news! Such a cute character, which is small and dependable on battle... but a little selfish and it quarrels with the main character.. Yes, it’s Jibanyan! Of course, he’s a cat character, so he is mercurial and loves to be lazy. But he’s basically a good boy so whenever something happens, he fights with the main character. Actually, I’ve kept him since I became a friend with him at the beginning. He even fought with me against the lasbosu (last boss)! He’s such an adorable character! Even though he can fight on battle perfectly, he sometimes runs out of his power... But I always attach to him. I bet there are so many people who explore the game with him!

Another character, Whisper, on the other hand, would not fight with us even if he joins our party. But he always tells us details about the enemies’ information or affairs about the Youkai world, using the electronic device called Youkai Pad. But Jibanyan sometimes doesn’t like him since he tells us everything as if he knew them even though they’re all from the Youkai Pad... But he is always hyper and makes everybody smile, so I end up liking him after all! The way he talks is so unique too!

Well, I shared some information with you but.. it’s quite popular overseas as well! The international version is now on sale! You’ll never know how fun it is without actually playing it! Are you ready? Get Youkai Watch right now and get into the mysterious world!!!

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