Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist) (青の祓魔師)

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“Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist)” is known as “Ao-Ex” in Japanese, which was a fantasy action comics serialized in Jump Square. It was animated before so many of you may be heard about it. The truth is that I got to know about Blue Ex by animation at first! lol
It is strongly recommended to those who love fantasy battle comics!

The story is about exorcists (living in “Usher”, the human world) trying to prevent the attacks of demons living in “Gehenna”, another world. The story begins when the main character, Rin Okumura who lived a normal life, finds out about secret of his birth when demons attack.

It is such a huge surprise and interesting part of the comic to find about the secret of Rin’s birth, but I recommend more about love of foster parent, Shirou. There are scenes that you can see his love towards Rin and other not-blood-related children, and it is very touching(〃ρ∩°`)oh He fights desperately to protect Rin, but is seized by a demon at last… he fights against demons until the last possible moment and try to protect the children… simply you just cannot stop crying facing his kindness and strength!

Rin of course feels down about sacrificing Shirou at first. However, he stands up wishing to be stronger to protect the people he loves! He is cute yet dependable, and just looking at his cheerful and joyful posture makes you happy and smile.

Moreover, you should pay attention to other attractive characters(*´Д`)ノ
For example, Rin’s twin brother, Yukio! While Rin is cheerful and rough, Yukio is cool and strait-laced person, just like an honor student. He is very remarkable as an exorcist, and argues a lot with Rin. Yet, they both love and care about each other, and you would be fluttered to see them showing unnatural attachment to each other sometimes(*˘︶˘*).。.:*

Actually, there is one more interesting point about this comic…
Currently, among fans of Ao-Ex, there was a myth saying that Rin and Yukio is not actually a twin! Supposedly, Rin was the only one who was born as inhabitant of hell, but Yukio changed like Satan during fights. Moreover, Mephisto of the devil cares not only Rin but about Yukio a lot too… Personally, I look at those websites reasoning about Rin & Yukio’s relationship, and sometimes think that maybe Yukio is not an actual brother. I thought that maybe there is someone else who is the actual brother of Rin, and Yukio is actually a Satan or other demon… I just get too excited thinking and imagining about it! Original story does not easily get to the core of the question((anger´°∀°`))

It is very excited to see new enemy!? emerged in comic! Please do spare your time to read it♪

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