[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (機動戦士ガンダムSEED)

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”Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” takes its place among national anime Gundam series. This anime draws a curtain from the scene that two main characters, they were best friends, face each other at battlefield!! Honestly, this is enough to make me excited ( ゚ v ゚ )=3
Protagonist Kira and Aslan are enemies. They battle against each other many times with their friends. Before long, the battle brings many tragedies to both sides。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 The tragedies comes so sudden that I was almost shouting (;^_^)
Consequent decisive break of Kira and Aslan is adrenaline scene in combination with high quality animation!! I was haunted by the screen!! It is something to see where they are headed after the break (`・ω・´)=3

The character I personally recommend is one of the protagonists Aslan. Aslan cared so deeply for weak Kira that he was terribly upset by facing Kira at a battle field (;´・o・`) But Aslan couldn’t stop fighting since he has unnegotiable hope. Aslan struggled hard to win Kira to his side. But the friendship leaded to unpleasant outcome... . Perhaps, Alsan is the person who is full of the most troubles among characters (;´・_・`) I was suspense all the time since I was his fan from the earlier entries (;^_^) But that is why he is worthy to follow in the swirling story evolving around the war!!

By the way, Gundam SEED has the highest rating among Gundam series in Heisei era. I don’t say this is the proof of interestingness but it shows this anime is for all generations (`・ω・´)=3 Gundam SEED is an anime that everyone including both ardent fan of and who has never watched Gundam series can enojoy!!

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