Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors) (戦国無双)

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Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors) is an action game which re-created Japanese history authentically! In this the game, characters are who lived “Sengoku period” from 15th to 16th century and you experience historical battles! Sengoku period is the time when various people fought for conquering Japan. What is more, capturing territory and cases of the tail wagging the dog happened frequently.

This game particularizes people who won a battle with his spark of genius, who performed a great deed in the battlefield, who stuck what he believed in and so on. You will relive their life!
I have played this game. There are many additional challenges for play (especially skill obtaining in Sengoku Musou 2). I am sure you can enjoy this game very much! This game brigs a sense of affinity since you can control people who you learned in history class! There are many cute girl characters. I especially like Inahime, Oichi and Kunoichi! Among male characters, I like Sanada Yukimura who called as the number on warrior in Japan, Date Masamune who called one-eyed dragon and Azai Nagamasa who is a husband of Oichi very much! They are so cool! However, I liked Miyamoto Musashi’s character capability very much. Why he could not appear in Sengoku Musou 3? (´;ω;`)

I have some memories of this game. This game is interesting in different way from Sengoku Basara which is also about history! Well, why don’t you play this game and learn Japanese history in an enjoyable way? ヽ(*´∀`)ノ!!

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