Blanc (Neptune)

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She is one of the main characters and a goddess white heart who represents Lowee, which is one of the four great nation of gamindustri! Brown bob and big hat is her trademark! Hair cut in a bob is cute but it does not suit if the person does not have good looks. Bob suits her that means her looks is very good!

She looks youngest among the four goddesses, she has the most extensive history. Mature Lolita!!! It is scary!!
Nothing matters more for her than her twin sisters Ram and Rom. But she is too clumsy to show her feelings to them. She is not much of a talker and as quiet as a cat but actually she is short in tmper and passionate at heart and speaks roobishly. I think that is also cute. She is characterized by small breats too. She worrys about her breast size. Therefore, subjects related to breasts are regarded as taboo. Personally I think small breasts are high status, rare and wonderful. So there is no problem.

Her hobby is readinng. She writes Doujinshi but her talent in writing is not so great and her Doujinshi does not sell at all even though she is a big name as goddess. It is severe. Talent is more important than the famousness. Hold on, real Doujinshi writers!! Different from other goddesses, except for her hair style, she doesn’t change much after trandformation. Her breasts is still small! Please keep this secreat from her! Even though shape of her body is like a baby, she uses hammer as her weapon!!! It is great that she wields a hammer as big as her!!! She is a powerful mature Lolita!!! What is more, her character changes drastically and loses her temper like there is no tomorrow. The gap between before and after transformation makes every one’s heart ache Moe Moe. Active mature Lolita is great!!! Masochist like me would like to her to knock me on the head with the hammer after she transformed.

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