Kiniro Mosaic (きんいろモザイク)

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/ Alice Cartelet / Omiya Shinobu / Kujou Karen / Inokuma Yoko / Komichi Aya /

Kiniro Mosaic depicts beautiful Japanese and British girls who became friends through homestay in Briten and see each other again in Japan comically. This anime is pacey since the original is four-panel comic.
The bigining of the anime starts off with ab air mail arrival to central character Shinobu from Alice with whose family Shinobu stayed. Alice developed a love for Janapan and Shinobu through Shinobu’s homestay and she decided to transfer to the same school with Shinobu. Of course, Alice stays with Shinobu’s family. Those who expected yuri are pervy. But I like those people since I am pervy too. Sadly enough, there is no yuri scenes. However, characters are mostly girls so I am sure you can enojoy! What is more, they are all beautiful. This is a typical Moe anime. This is high-praised even abroad.

African “I have a narrow escape from irreversible smile face”
Estonian “I make zero sence since I am too excited. I need to go to bed to refresh my mind”
American “This is Die of “Moe”!!!!!”
Bragirian woman “They are too cute to process in my brain”
Unidentified “I’m almost dying from sweatness of this anime! Please give me insurine!!”
Reactions like these go on in my brain. (This is actually high-praised even abroad. Especially, accurately portrayed abroad and those scenes which make you Moe Moe and your heart ache.)

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