[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種トーキョーグール)

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Ghoul in the story represents a mysterious man which eats humans.

Ghoul is all over in Tokyo and battle to block the Ghoul by human can be seen as well...

The main character, Kaneki Ken, is a college student, who loves reading books. ('ω'*)
He has his favorite café to go often, where he met Kamishiro Rize through their common hobby.

Kaneki actually falls in love with Rize. (*/∇\*)
One day, when they go out together, Rize is trying to eat Kaneki.

Yes, Rize was a Ghoul.... (((( ;゜Д゜)))

But the place Kaneki got almost eaten up was near the construction site.

Since steel frame fell down to the ground, she missed eating him but they both ended up being carried to the hospital.

Then Rize passed away at the hospital and her organ was transplanted to Kaneki’s body.

As a result, Kaneki became a half-human and a half-Ghoul...

Ghoul eats human. He only felt delicious when he drinks coffee among what humans eat and drink.
Kaneki realized that he became a half-Ghoul, feeling such a change in his body.

Kaneki is struggled between Ghoul and human.

He also realized that his favorite café was owned by Ghoul. Kaneki started working there.

Another Ghoul who works there supports Kaneki and makes him grow.

In Tokyo-Ghoul, we can see Ghoul and searching and the human relationship mixed with expelling administrative organization.

Not only the Action! but the human drama is another attractive point to watch, I guess!

And I’m sure you will be attracted by each character’s unique personality! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

You cannot miss out this speedy development full of mysteries!!!!!

I can’t wait for the mystery to be revealed someday! (●´3`)♪

You got interested in this anime? Why don’t you watch Tokyo- Ghoul?

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