Diamond no Ace (Ace of Diamond) (ダイヤのA)

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/ Miyuki Kazuya / Sawamura Eijun / Furuya Satoru / Chris Yū Takigawa / Yuki Tetsuya / Isashiki Jun /

Both its manga and anime are top-notch (>ω<)♪ Talk about the hottest baseball manga, Ace of Diamond!!

What got the hot-blooded youth of a country pumpkin from some second-rate school, Sawamura Eijun, scouted by the renowned school - Seidou High! Even with his all-out effort made everyday striving to the ace, the reality is no bed of roses (-_-) Facing Furuya in same grade, 2nd-year Kawakami, 3rd-year Tanba, the road to become an ace got even rockier! Joining team 1 is still a long way from becoming an ace, as he comes to grips with his own weakness and his rivals' strength during each game. His character learning it the hard way and overcoming challenges one by one is definitely something you shouldn't miss (`∀´)b The stress and pressure the players feel while on the pitch is conveyed by the comic, in chapters where games are played, I can't help but tremble with excitement. Especially the decisive battle with Inagi Industry, the pressure on the mound is amazing, my heart races from just looking at it. In a situation when there's one out left during the Koushien and stress becomes unbearable, the coach says just one thing to mend the attitudes of all players, even I made a "Ha-!" sound!

This author really knows how to suck the reader into his story. The aesthetic of the comic is balanced and the portrayal of events is done well, so the reader gets addicted to the story even more, the state of the game is easy to understand as well. The fact that sometimes, I even laugh unintentionally while reading is funny in itself.

Also, the variety of cool rival characters is one of the story's charm points. Yakushi High School's beast, Slugger or the childish, pure baseball boy, Todoroki or the hotblooded, manly ace, Sanada... Inagi Industry's Narimiya is the selfish, wild ace. "It'll be hard with teammates like these", "If I was a pitcher, I'd be like him" - even looking at it is fun. It does not only focus on Seidou, but it also depicts the events for each of the thoughts of the schools' coaches and players so you would want to support any of the schools upon knowing those things!

The author Terashima seems to have considered the form and story as reference from books that have been published containing the interviews with professional baseball player. I thought that it brings out the awesomeness and interesting aspect of baseball when you see it since everything is the actual thing and not just "It is possible since it's a manga " (* ° ∀ ° *) I also share the same feeling with different popular players and agrees with vouching for them♪ Even people who don't know baseball will be swept off the feet. People who have played baseball can also see themselves in there. The character development will inspire you with confidence. Ace of Diamond is such an ultimately exciting baseball manga that everyone can enjoy (>∀<)!

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