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Genos is an isolated cyborg, who appears in the 2nd episode in ONE PUNCH MAN. (゜◇゜)ノ
Even though he is a cyborg, it’s not the perfect machine. Most parts of the body are made from cyborg but the rest of the body is just like human’s.

Genos lost his family when he was 15 years old, being attacked by a cyborg that was out of control. He chose to become a strong cyborg to defeat the enemy who killed his family. ((((((((((っ`・ω・)っ
Five years passed when he became 19 years old, Genos encounters Saitama by accident when he was fighting with the enemy. Saitama defeated the enemy without difficulty while Genos had to struggle with fighting against the power-up enemy. Then he was attracted by Saitama’s overwhelming strength and asked him if he becomes his apprentice. (`Д´)ゞ
Since then, Genos calls Saitama a “teacher” and the training days have started.

Now, I’ll talk about Genos’s appearance and personality! p(`・ω・´)q
First, even though he has a characteristic body (cyborg), he always wears jeans and T-shirts, which looks exactly like a human-like appearance!
I think this detailed character’s visual setting makes Genos be more unique, not being just a cyborg. (n'∀')η゚*。
When it comes to the individual side, his face has such a big impact like Saitama!
There’s no white part in his eyes, he’s just a modern figure with the mysterious image with the earrings on and with the gold hair. He’s 100% cool in his appearance! (To me, it’s my perfectly favorite character!!) !! w(゚ロ゚;w(゚ロ゚)w;゚ロ゚)w
His personality is being calm, intelligent, and high in the analytical ability.
On the other hand, since he’s considerate of his family from his experience that he remodeled his body to the cyborg, he’s such a kind and passionate person, even though it’s hard to think that way from his appearance! (σゝ∀・)σ
Since he calls Saitama a “teacher”, he is loyal and serious too! (*´д`)

ONE PUNCH MAN has so many battle scenes and the way each character fight is so unique too.
In the case of Genos, just like Saitama, he basically fights with a physical attack.
Saitama usually attacks with his punch but Genos is able to get fire out from his palms and make it like a ball and throw it to further places. He can even get the air out from the back of his feet and move quickly in the air! ヽ(◎´З`)ノ彡☆
And what’s more? On the contrary of Saitama, who is always lazy, Genos is good at feeling enemy’s approach. So he can dodge his body with the perfect movement. (。-`ω-)
But such a perfect Genos is not as good as Saitama. Imperfect cyborg? Maybe that’s one of the attractions of Genos.

Now! This might be my hobby but I’m going to share information about his voice actor with you! His name is Kaito Ishikawa! ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪
His voice perfectly matches with characters like Genos with a low, calm and persuading voice.
I really can’t believe he’s the same age as me (23 years old; born in 1993) since he’s more matured. I’m jealous! 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゜。
He took a role as Kageyama Tobio from “Haikyuu!!” some characters from popular anime such as “Diamond no Ace”, “Kuroko no Basuke”. He’s such a powerful voice actor who can liven up the anime world from now on! (`・ω・´)
With Kaito Ishikawa’s voice, a cyborg Genos looks more human-like figure! He’s one of the voice actors that I can’t wait for the next role! 〆(゚▽゚*)

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