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Hunter x Hunter is “royal road of battle comic” which is being published in serial form in Shonen Jump.

The set of the world is somewhat similar to our world but there is a job called “hunter” who find and pioneer various things which have not been found out yet.
The farther of central character Gon Freecss, whose name is Ging Freecss, is a hunter. Gon was infatuated with hunter and was going to want to leave the island at where he grew up. On his 12th birthday, he took a trip to the world outside to take “Hunter Exam” to acquire hunter license.
On the way to the exam station, he traveled with Killua Zoldyck who is a member of world-famous thugs, Kurapika who is a remaining survivor of extinct Kurta clan and Leorio Paladinight who does not have special power but is loyal and aims to be a doctor who can treat poor children at no charge. They challenge Hunter Exam, have various meetings and parings and overcome various challenges to be a hunter!

During the early part of this comic, there are many events to describe the interpretation of the world and games of wits. In the middle of story, characters battle with special power called “Nen” and the story becomes a lot more fun! Among Shonen Jump comics, ONE PIECE, Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), Gray-man and Bleach are categorized into the same genre and Hunter x Hunter is the one “well composed” especially!
Most of comics, when it is made in to anime, character moves and you fell battle more attractive. In the case of Hunter x Hunter, you can develop a feeling of tension and speed even in the comic (personally, I felt so!)!
It does not appear many times but I still buy comics!

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