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※This article includes spoilers of Jojo Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable.

Kira Yoshikage is “a bloodthirsty killer” who appears in Jojo Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable.

He is a villain who loves “a calm and peaceful life” most among all the villains appearing in Jojo Series. Even though his brain and physical ability are quite high, his grade at school is always the 3rd from the top. That’s because he has been living his life, thinking that “he wants to avoid being paid attention by people by becoming the 1st” since he was an elementary school student, But at the same time, he’s been confident himself too, thinking ‘he’ll never be defeated by anybody in the battle’. Living like that, he’s been behaving as a normal person, seeking for a peaceful life.

What’s eccentric about him is his “particular obsession”.
He loves ‘Hands of beautiful women’. Not ‘beautiful women’. What he loves is ‘their hands’. I’ve heard that he felt excitement that he hadn’t felt before when he first saw incredibly beautiful ‘hands’ of a worldly famous picture, ‘Mona Lisa’. ... You’ll see more details about this excitement in manga or anime. Since the scene when he exposes this obsession to people for the first time is quite shocking, you should check his brave figure (?) out with your eyes!

Kira Yoshikage enjoys collecting ‘wrists’ after killing women whose hands are beautiful, seeking for more peaceful life than anybody else. He has Stand ability as well, which is also his alter ego. Its name is “Killer Queen”, which looks like a mixed version of a cat and a skull, and has ability “to make things it touches bombs”. (A song of a famous rock band from England is actually an original of this. Its special technique called Sheer Heart Attack is derived from it as well!)

The effect of “making things it touches bombs” is so powerful that the things that are exploded disappear with no traces. No wonder he’s been able to leave no proof of murdering people after his long career of killing people. He can even control when he explodes things. That’s why Higashikata Jyosuke or Kujyou Jyoutarou, who had been chasing him, doubting that he was a killer, always have difficulties in fighting with his powerful ability.

His charms are... yeah..., I believe, ‘a deep attachment of having a peaceful life’ and ‘an excessive particular obsession’. I don’t know how I can describe about him but... I was actually feeling that he was gross at the beginning... But I started feeling his charisma every time he showed his thorough attachment, and overwhelming confidence and ability to achieve it. He’s really weird though. Since a main character, Higashikata Jyosuke behaves cheerfully and with justice, Kira Yoshikage, who has thorough confidence, is always described on the contrary of him. Jyosuke fights to save someone, while Kira fights to make his goals come true, which I think is wonderful!

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