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Akechi Goro is in the third year of a different high school from the one the protagonist attends.
He’s also known as a high school student detective, having solved numerous cases. He is so famous that he appears on TV shows as well. Very popular among women.

His academic performance is excellent. He got No1 on the national trial exam!φ(..)
And of course he’s cute! He is literally, a perfect boy.(`・ω・´)
Therefore, people comment on him as “The Second Advent of the Detective Prince.”
※Shirogane Naoto appearing in Persona4 was called “The Detective Prince”

Him becoming a member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts is the last time in this series and his code name is “Crow”.
Actually, he had criticized what the members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts did at first, but he ended up becoming a member of them by the trigger of one incident.

When I first saw him, I thought that he was a “fine young man”. Because he talked calmly and always smiled.( ^ω^ )

But as I went on in the game, I started wondering what he was hiding behind his smile…I got so curious about him, who was somehow so mysterious. Among all the characters appearing in Persona5, he is the most mysterious one, I think.
And when the mystery was finally solved…. I couldn’t help but scream “Akechiiiii(゚A゚;)” lol

The best memory that I have with such a mysterious boy, Akechi, is when I had him appear in the cultural festival as a guest at Shujin Academy.
When the members of the Phantom Thieves of the Hearts were playing a Takoyaki Russian roulette, Akechi showed up and ate one of the Takoyaki and unfortunately, he got the super spicy piece.(・_・;)
I know it was super spicy but he said with a smile, “I love…. spicy food.”

When I saw the scene, he stimulated my maternal instinct lol I love to see handsome and perfect men showing us a little cute side of them.(*´∀`*)

It will be a spoiler alert so I cannot share anything anymore but… I really want you to know him by playing the game!!!
I bet you will fall in love with him!!!(*´Д`)ノシ
And let’s chat about Akechi’s charms after you play the game!! lol

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