Saint Seiya (聖闘士星矢)

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Saint Seiya is a fantasy action. Characters fight wearing sacred armors named "Cloths" , the designs of which derive from the various constellations on the background of Greek mythology (*´∀`*)

The protagonist Seiya, who was in foster home, is a typical strictly traditional Japanese male who is goggle-box (゜_゜) and has strong sense of justice! He lived a life full of ups and downs before he is called Pegasus Seiya. The most impressive scene eve now is Seiya battles against Cassios who was also a candidate student for Pegasus. I felt pressed when I saw there was a blood everywhere when they fight for the Pegasus Cloth (゜_゜)!!

There are characters having strong individuality. Those characters are popular for girls(・∀・) For example, Dragon Shiryū who is earnest, loyal and compassionate, Cygnus Hyōga, who is a half Russian and half Japanese, silent type, cool and handsome!! and Andromeda Shun who is more girlish than women in today... woops, I better say he is a man who is uninterested in aggressively pursuing women!!
The character I like the most is Virgo Shaka from Gold Saint. He is unreasonable and talking over the top of someone but he is nice!!(*´∀`*) When he was child, he was a little boy who wearied the world! He was an irresistible beautiful boy when he was young (*´ω`*) One of the things that I love him is his appearance but the scene Shaka gave his blood to Shun when Shun fixes his Cloth in the episode of Poseidon made me love him more. That surprising act which is the opposite of his character was “gap-moe” (*´∀`) I think Shaka is good to work for who gets into his mind on my own (・∀・)

As an aside, Saint Seiya was born by the author’s method “plastic model of Cloth will appeal boys readership and Greek mythology and constellations will appeal girls readership”! (*´ω`*)

Finally, I recommend you to start by watching anime and if you immerse yourself in the interpretation of the world, then please read comics! You will give yourself up to Saint Seiya!

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