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Present Mic is a Pro Hero who teaches English at U.A. High School. He wears a pair of sunglasses with long, spiky blonde hair.
During his adolescent years, he attended U.A. High School with Aizawa Shouta, who is a homeroom teacher of Midoriya Izuku. While picking their hero names, Present Mic chose the name “Eraserhead” for Shouta.

His original name is Yamada Hizashi. His Quirk is “Voice”. People call him a “Voice Hero”. His birthday is July 7th, which is also Tanabata Day (Star Festival Day which is one of the traditional event days in Japan). His height is 185cm. (6’1’’)

His pastimes are listening to the “Radio” and watching “TV”. His passion toward the radio got even beyond his pastime and he now is working as a radio DJ as well, besides the Hero and the teacher.
His popular radio channel called, “Present MIC’s Put Your Hands Up Radio!”, airs from 1:00 am to 5:00 am every Friday. Midoriya Izuku is one of the fans and listens to the channel every week too.♫♪ Present Mic even does live coverage for the lecture of the entrance exam or the school events such as a sports festival.

( ´∀`) And one of the best parts about him is his Quirk, “Voice”! I’ll give you more details about it!

Using his Quirk, “Voice”, he can attack the enemies by making tremendously loud voice. The sound is so loud that his first cry of a newborn baby made his parents and the delivery doctor bleed from their ears. He can even adjust the voice either to the low or to the high voice.♪~(´ε` )
There is a device around his neck, equipped with a microphone and directional speaker, which makes his Quirk even stronger to fight against the enemies called the Villain. He’s voice is so destructive that it ruins eardrums of the enemies in one time even if they are dozens of meters away from him, once all the voice restores.
Here’s one episode which shows his Quirk’s power! (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ
At U.A. High School, the students are given not only the written final exam but also the hands-on exam so the teachers can see how the students grow as a Hero.
During that hands-on exam, Jirou Kyouka, who also have the Quirks, related with the sound, competed against Present Mic with Kouda Kouji. Even though Jirou Kyouka did her best, making use of her sound Quirks, she couldn’t even get closer to Present Mic’s long-distance attack.
This is a Pro-Hero. Nobody can even get closer to him! Present Mic’s Quirk is almost invincible.\(^o^)/

But! There’s one thing that Present Mic is not good at…(; ・`ω・´)
Guess what? He hates bugs. He even passed out, foaming at the mouth when Kouda Kouji collected tons of bugs, using his Animal Voice Quirk. (()Isn’t he cute…?)
I bet there are still many good things about Present Mic, which we don’t know yet! Let’s watch Boku no Hero Academia(My Hero Academia)together!

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