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TV animation Yuri!!! on Ice, another “Yuri”
Yuri Plisetsky, 15 years old.

Yuri is a new generation skater from Russia, who won all junior titles with his invincible strength!
He is called “fairy of Russia” because he is beautiful, but he is an arrogant naughty one he leaves the link. \(^o^)/
He likes wearing clothes with animal patterns, like tiger, panther or lion.

Even at the first time he appears on the animation, he severely said “Those who don’t have talent have to retire, idiot!” to Katsuki Yuuri, who was sobbing in the toilet.

Although, Yuri receives figure skating financial aid from his country, and earns money to feed the family from the time he was novis (even younger than junior) (;_;)

When he was junior, Victor promised him that he will make the choreography for senior debut, but he forgot it all. So, Yuri followed Victor who declared to be the coach of Yuuri in Japan. Then, to make difference between Yuri and Yuuri, Yuri is called Yurio! Cute (・∀・)!!

He fights against Yuuri to gain instruction of Victor, and plays “hot spa on ICE”, a short program, but he couldn’t express agape “”unconditional love”, which was a task for this battle, and returned alone to Russia. From this battle, he considers Yuuri as rival, and vows to revenge at the next season !

Yuri was full of ambition and self-confidence, returns to Russia and brushes up his technique with his coach Yakov and ex prima donna Lilia! He is put through a course of sprouts!

Yurio shows us every moment from junior to senior, when the talent flourish!
He is now cute and beautiful like a fairy, but he knows that the beauty is limited, so he is ready to make most of it. Keep your eyes on Yurio, who is strict to himself and improves his beauty!

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