Victor Nikiforov

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Victor Nikiforov is the champion of figure skating in Yuri!!! on Ice.

Although he is 27 years old, he won 5 consecutive championships in World Championship. He is a figure skater from Russia. He is winning championships in Grand Prix Final too, and attracts people from all over the world as “living legend”.

He even does his own choreography by himself, and always thinks about “how to surprise people”. In order to do so, he dares to do things beyond expectations, such as cutting down his long hair.

Every body admits he is a genius and charisma. One day, he becomes interested in a Japanese figure skater Katsuki Yuuri, because he copied perfectly the choreography that Victor invented, and danced in a video and the video was published to the whole world. (Yuuri didn’t know that his dance was registered nor published on the Internet.) I don’t know what made him change his mind, but he rejected all matches that he was winning the championships, and came to Japan. He visited Japanse-style hotel where Katsuki Yuuri lives, and said to him;

Yuuri, from today, I am your coach”
“And I will make you win at Grand Prix Final!”

Victor is a genius and called charisma… But actually, he goes his own way and is childish!! In order to make Yuuri stronger, he requests difficult tasks with a smile, and to become friends with Yuuri, he insists on taking bath or sleep together!

You may doubt if he really is 27 years old, and be anxious, but there was a scene that describes his kindness, not only his toughness or severity. I realized he is not just childish, watching the scene that he watches the sea with Yuuri and says that he wants to be a help, and wants to be beside Yuuri whatever the distance. He has both childish aspect and adult aspect… He is so nice!

He is friendly!! Close! But sever and requires difficult tasks. Victor is the kindest and his smile is wonderful!!! His dog Makkachin is cute too, so please find goods of Makkachin when finding goods of Victor! I recommend you!

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