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Kaminari Denki is a 1st-year student (Class 1-A, No 7) at U.A. High School, who is a classmate with the main character, Midoriya Izuku. He has blonde hair with black, lightning-shaped strokes.
His height is 168cm. (5’6”) His birthday is June 29th. The blood type is O. He’s from Saitama Prefecture. His Quirk is “Electrification”.

If I described his character in one word, he is a clown! Also, Denki is somewhat flirtatious towards the girls. He’s always full of life in class, inspiring all his classmates. In class, he usually hangs out with Jirou Kyouka and Kirishima Eijiro. We often see him following Bakugou Katsuki too. He must be curious about him.
His favorite foods are “something booming to eat, hamburger..” Seeing him answer “something booming to eat”, we can tell that he is such a flirt, huh?

(σ・∀・)σ And let me explain a little bit about his Quirk, “Electrification”!

“Electrification” is a Quirk where he can wear electricity!
When he discharges electricity, he can fight against the enemies. He can beat so many enemies at one time by the discharge. By the way, when he charges himself, he puts the code, which is still plugged in the electrical outlet in his mouth or put the portable charger in his mouth. Since his Quirk is electricity, it’s interesting, isn’t it?

However, since he still has a difficulty controlling his power, the only thing he can do is to discharge electricity. (;´д`)
If he discharges the electricity beyond a tolerable level, it shorts out. Moreover, he can be easily found by enemies once he discharges electricity. Those are the weak points of his Quirk.

д゚) But!!!!!!
His Electricity-related Quirk works very well with other things as well! Therefore, if he masters how to use it, he will be super powerful!!! He might even be able to stick to the enemies with the electricity on and beat them. We’ll look forward to his great work from now on!

(*'ω'*)ノ And here’s another thing about him. He is a little clown and such a cute boy!
As I explained earlier, if he discharges electricity beyond a tolerable level, it shorts out, which causes him to be super weak, looking soft and flabby. Even with his nose running, he looks so cute with his fluffy face as if all the bones on his face are gone!!!! And! Whenever it shorts out, the only thing he can say is “Weeei”. Anyway, he becomes so cute, “Wei”.(゜∀。)

And he is not very academically bright, receiving the worst grade in class (20th out of 20 students)…( ´ ▽ ` )
By the way, Ashido Mina who got 19th is a girl who is cheerful, emotional and straightforward, which is somehow similar to Kaminari Denki.
They are similar to each other, both on their academic work and on their personalities. So in class, everybody has the same image of “clowns” about them.

There are still so many more things about him to share with you! I really want you all to watch how Kaminari Denki will perform from now on. Being called a clown, Kaminari Denki is actually….!? Gotta check it out now!!

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