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Tales of Xillia

Tales of Xillia is the first PS3 title of the Tales series. It is their 15th anniversary commemorative work.

Characteristic of the game is that there are two main characters; one is a medical student called Jude Mathis , and the other is called Milla Maxwell who calls herself Maxwell of spirits. The story is told by the two. It is possible to understand most of the story by playing one of the charactesr, but in order to understand the story well, it is necessary to play the game twice.

This work shows "Milla's strength" and "Jude's strength" well.

Jude is a human being and doesn't like to fight in most cases. He's polite, smart, and good-natured, so his friends naturally love him.

Milla is a spirit fighting to keep the world's order. Her convictions will never be bent under any circumstances, and she exists as a hope for Jude and their friends.

Unlike Milla, who is depicted as strong from the beginning, Jude falls into the depths of despair because of some incident in the story.

When he gets up, Milla goes forward with friends with different convictions.

This story depicts deaths and betrayals more often than other installments in the series.
They are not friends at the beginning, but as they face difficult situations together, their bond grow.
Xillia is one of the few Tales stories with a sequeal, so you should Xillia before playing Tales of Xillia2!

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