Yondemasuyo Azazel-san (よんでますよ、アザゼルさん。)

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This anime is a riot comedy between men who is hard to describe them as a good men and ill-natured evils. Usually we think that humans is good and evil is bad but it's not in this anime. The situation reversed as humans is bad and evil is good. There're so many bad humans especially Akutabe . He is the worst and even evils call him evil. He is in a bad mood regularly so he is hard to please. When he make his barrier in human world, evils are deformed to mascot characters. Is he really a human?

The story is Akutabe who is detective that specializes in using demons and solve problems forcibly. Is it too simple explanation? Humans and evils connect with a book called Gurimoa. Evils are under contract to humans. If they don't listen to humans, they wii be hit by the book and explode. Because of the book, evils can live forever but sometimes they make me feel sad. There're humans more bad than evils and evils more better than humans. If this anime will broadcast in evil's world, evils get angry I'm sure.

I think the highlight of this anime is not the story but each characters. Because of their personality, I don't get the story sometimes. lol Then let's me introduce the characters!

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