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Since it was first aired in 1982, Macross series were made into various TV anime series and animated films. And 2012 marked the 30th year since its creation.

There are several things in common in the series: "High-speed action sequences by transformable aerospace fighters called Valkyrie," "love triangle," "Song." Especially, "Song" is considered to be pretty important element in the Macross series.

Every series has beautiful songs, so why don't you listen to the tunes and enjoy.

The work continues sequentially with "super space-time fortress Macross", "super space-time fortress Macross II-LOVERS AGAIN-", "Macross plus", "Macross 7", "Macross zero", "Macross F".

The most recent work is Macross F broadcasted in 2008. This work is very popular among the previous works, and three movies have been released. By the way, the theme song and the insert song of Macross F is ranked also in the Japanese music chart. The live broadcasting was really carried out, too.

Macross' characters in many of the coterie magazines, and the most popular characters are Sheryl Nome, a galaxy fairy, Saotome Alto, an ex-Kabuki actor and a pilot, and Rank Lee, a super-spaciotemporal Cinderella.

The key of the story are the triangle relationship and some misunderstandings among these three. Saotome Alto take part in the concert of Sheryl Nome, and they encounter with Ranka Lee.

Then Ranka will be attacked by Bajura, an extraterrestrial life, but Alto saves her.

There, the love triangle starts and how the triangle relations go? There are some other highlights, for example the puberty-specific difficult relationship between Ranka and his brother-in-law Ozma]], as well as the bittersweet relationship between Klan Klang and Michelle.

For those who want to enjoy the story of school life, duel with the extraterrestrial life and attractive animation songs, this surely satisfies and impress you. This is one of my best animations, I recommend this for you all!

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