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It goes without saying that the series of “Gundam” is one of the most famous animation. There are too many works of “Gundam” are produced, so we cannot make a sweeping statement about its story or content(;^_^) But what we may say about consistency of “Gundam” is that different types of riding robots called MS (Mobile Suit) flourish. Those MSs could be cool and tasteful and such huge robots have always been a “boys’ dream”. So looking at them moving and fighting at humans’ will bring everyone, not only children but also adults, into the excitement. Personally, I am still enthralled all the time whenever I watch the series of “Gundam” (;^_^)

However, I feel that the most attractive point about its series of “Gundam” is drama. Basically, the core of the story is war and its extreme situation, so the conflicts of thoughts and feelings are very severe(;^_^) Therefore, viewers were attracted to and sympathize with the characters’ feelings. We can get angry, sad, and depressed along with each character. Those conflicts of thoughts and feelings of characters are stressed splendidly by words, depiction, and direction. The viewers are simply overwhelmed by those excellent works(`・ω・´)=3

The story goes on over the decades, so there are so many characters(;^_^) Among those characters, there is one that took my heard and never let go. He is Anavel Gato, appeared in “Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY” (* `・ω・´) He is a veteran and leading pilot. He has strong pride and dignity, who always keeps his faith to meet his ideal. Simply, he is just very tough and cool(`・ω・´)=3 He crosses swords few times with main character, Kou, but I cannot stop supporting him instead of Kou as I am a huge fan of him(;^_^) In the story, Gato is playing a very important role for Kou that he is like a “big wall” that Kou needs to overcome. So it is worth seeing the ending of Gato and Kou!!

Not only “Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY”, but all the Gundam series are masterpieces that basically you can start watching it from any series. Yet if I were to classify roughly, there are two groups of works. One is the continuous cropping that starts from the first series, “Mobile Suit Gundam”, and another is the continuous cropping that consists with the original world view. The latter can be enjoyed solitary, but I recommend that the former should be researched a bit beforehand, and watch it by order from “Mobile Suit Gundam”. Other than this, you can simply enjoy it, so please do not hesitate or think it as a status-conscious, and try it casually!!

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