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Iida Tenya is a 1st-year student (Hero Department 1-A, No. 4) at U.A. High School, who is a classmate with the main character, Midoriya Izuku. His Quirk is “Engine”. His birthday is August 22nd. His height is 178cm. (5'10½"). The blood type is A. He is from Tokyo.

He wears glasses and the hair is trimmed up on the back of his head, and parted to one side in the front.
He goes to an elite high school, eagerly following the school rules, even with his all the buttons of the uniform closed. He is, what we call, an honor student.He is such a serious person.
And somehow, the way he moves his hands is unique.(ノ∀`)

He loves to study. No wonder he is such a serious person. He is too serious that he’s called a ‘serious idiot’.(;´д`)

When he attended the battle train for the first time at U.A. High School, he was told to play the villain, perfectly pretended to be the one, saying “I’m….. such an evil…, hahaha…”.
Uraraka Ochako, who was one of his best friends (also his classmate),made fun of him, saying “You’re crazily serious!!!”.

Also, when the students had to choose the leader of the class, Iida Tenya suggested that they should choose the one by the votes since everybody wanted to be the one. Of course, everybody voted for himself or herself except him, who voted for Midoriya Izuku. Even though he wanted to be the one, his priority was to judge things objectively. Yes, he is a crazily honest person… I mean, super serious.

In another case, when all the students got panic with the loud warning sound, resounding the whole cafeteria, Iida Tenya, who figured out that the sound came from the media, calmed everybody down quick and bold, saying “Hey everybody… You all are gonna be just fine!!”. By the way, he was given a nickname ‘emergency exit’ by his classmates after the incident.

ヽ(・ω・)/ I’ll give you the details about such serious Iida Tenya’s Quirk, Engine.

His Quirk manifests in the form of engines in his calves, giving him super speed. Surprisingly, it only takes three seconds for him to run 50 meters! 100% of the fuel consists of orange juice lol!(*´﹃`*)
It says that the carbonated drinks never work because they cause the engines to stop.
Also, his engines have multiple gears, allowing him to switch between First, Second, or Third Gear, depending on the situation.

He has a killing technique where he can produce a super-fast speed within the short distance, even though we usually need much longer distance to do that!
The name of the technique is “Torque over-reciprocating burst”! It’s the technique where they increase the numbers of torque converter’s turn, forcing it to move swiftly.
But at the same time, it says that he can maintain that speed only for ten seconds and the engines stop after that. Of course he can neither use his Quirk nor even move…(´;ω;`) It’s definitely a high-risk and high-return technique.

Next, let me share Iida Tenya’s hero name with you!

He was born in the house with all his family members being the Hero. His older brother was a famous Pro-Hero, Ingenium. Tenya respected him, who valued discipline, from the bottom of his heart and Tenya wanted to become the Hero like him in the future.
But the brother, who he respected, was attacked by the enemy ‘Hero Killer: Stain’ and got seriously injured, and he could no longer become the Hero. Tenya planned the revenge against Stain, making use of the work-visit, ending up beating Stain with a support of Midoriya Izuku and Todoroki Shouto.
After the incident, he realized that there exists the Hero, who calls himself the Hero without the thought of saving others and who uses the Quirks not for himself but for others, just like Stain. Tenya really couldn’t stand that type of the Hero and swore that he would be the true Hero like his brother, who valued the discipline. He followed his brother’s Hero name and his also became Ingenium.

I’m just amazed at how much Iida Tenya respects his brother and how strong the will as the Hero is.
Even though he’s called a serious idiot, a cuteness is his another charm.
A class leader! Keep it up! We all will be with you! (σ・∀・)σ

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