Star-Mu (High School Star Musical) (スタミュ)

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The main character Hoshitani Yuta chases his admiring high school student and decided to enter Ayanagi Academy, which is the famous school in music and art.

Ayanagi Academy has a “the musical department” which all the new students admire, and a group called Kaou-kai with top level 3 year students exists at the top of the academy.

To go to the musical department which everyone wishes to join, there is a shortcut, which is to be acknowledged by Kaou-kai members and join Star Frame Class so that they can teach new students directly.

Of course, Yuta is going to attend the audition to enter Star Frame Class, but not confident to pass because the level of everyone around him is so high.

In spite of Yuta’s thought, Kaou-kai’s nonconformist Otori finds Yuta very good. 4 students of Yuta, Nayuki Toru, Tendenji Kakeru, Kuga Shu and Tsukigami Kaito pass the audition to Star Frame Class, and aim to enter “the musical department” as “Team Otori”.

The collected members are all characteristic as the nonconformist Otori’s selection!
The reason why Otori selects them is just because “you guys look interesting”.

What are they going to be?

The anime about the boys trying hard for “the musical department” is Star-Mu (High School Star Musical).

In the first episode of this anime, suddenly songs and dance start in the middle of the story so I felt very surprised and too funny to stop laughing at the first time.

However, Yuta doesn’t have experiences but has a hidden potential and his original brightness but tries to overcome each problem with members of the team getting together. This traditional story among them is very funny and I got into this so much!

I would like to introduce the anime Star-Mu’s attractive features.

Firstly, the nonconventional musical is described.

For example, in the anime, there is a scene showing a musical as “Team Otori” by arranging the Ayanagi Academy’s traditional musical.

I am sure you will also get into their performance because it cannot be done without the unique members. I also love it so much as I was singing songs when I finished watching the anime!

Let’s sing (ノ´▽`)ノ! “\SATISFY/”(ノ´▽`)ノ!!
This is a lyric of a song used in this anime.

Secondly, their appearance going straight ahead to their dream!
How they don’t give up the challenge always coming to them, and just moving forward to the dream in a team move us.
I thought this was a comedy anime, but I got moved many times at their appearance trying hard.

Especially, Yuta’s words “We don’t know how to give up dreams” moved me so much! It is so shining how they are trying hard!! They are literally stars!

Please have a look at Star-Mu!

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