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“Chirp, chirp chatterbox! I’m Juushimatsu!”

“Massuru Massuru! Hassuru Hassuru! Massuru Massuru! Hassuru Hassuru!”

Speaking of the one who is always cheerful and loves baseball among all the sextuplets! Yes, it’s a fifth son, Matsuno-Juushimatsuヾ('∀`=ヽ)

His name, ‘Juushimatsu’ originates from a small bird, ‘Juushimatsu’ (Bengalese finch)!!!!!!!!! I’ve heard that he was named after a child who is a chatterbox (cheep, cheep), like a small bird. (But actually, the real bird, Juushimatsu, is supposed to be so quiet that it’s even easy to have as a pet.... Why? It doesn’t make sense...!)

As you see him wearing a yellow hoody in anime, his image color is yellow! Always with his mouth open, we get an impression of him being silly.

A funny thing is that he is the only one whose single hair is standing up among all the sextuplets. As you can see him in the anime, his special feature is behaving strangely beyond imagination as if he is missing one screw in his head.”

He is even characterized as a ‘cheerful lunatic’ in the formal PV, and he is actually energetic all day long! He is such an active boy.

For instance, there is a scene in the anime, where he swims with the butterfly stroke amazingly vigorously in the ditch with running water, I just couldn’t help but burst into a laugh at that sudden appearance (ノ∇≦*)! Such a little weird behavior always refreshes me!!

Even though Juushimatsu takes actions that nobody could expect, I think his best appeal is a gap between such eccentric behaviors and sensible ones, such as being poor at telling a lie, setting a quarrel between his brothers, being gentle, kind and trying hard on everything!!!!

Finding out such a gap in him, I even came to like him more and more!!!!! He’s so cheerful but sometimes weak and brave! These two different aspects appeals to my maternal instincts(≧ω≦)b

I wonder if his cheerfulness should come from a kindness that ‘he wants to entertain’ everybody... Thinking of him in that way, I even come to feel that he is more adorable*(о゚д゚о)*

Juushimatsu, you’re so cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crying heart)

I was thinking of such Juushimatsu as ‘a little stupid boy that I cannot leave alone’!!

But! Such impression is totally changed in episode 9. The title is ‘Juushimatsu having a crush on someone’❤

Osomatsu-San’ is always filled with laughter, right...? But guess what? This episode is a little different from usual with a main character Juushimatsu ・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 A little tear, serious and mystery....?

‘Tear from Osomatsu-San??” You might be thinking that way, right?!!!! Get a handkerchief ready with your hand when you watch it, okay?!!!!!

Every time we watch this anime, we find something new about Juushimatsu! I just can’t wait for his growth! (*´ -`)(´- `*)

Let’s discover his unexpected aspect, shall we? \(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/

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