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“Todonotsumariga (Eventually), I’m Todomatsu!!”

“Mmm? Are you irritated again?”

Who is the most charming and has the highest Joshiryoku (level of motivation or talent [especially women] as to making themselves look more attractive) among all the sextuplets?! Of course it’s the youngest one, Todomatsu-Matsuno! (ノ´∀`*)

He was named after two things: the plant’s name ‘Sakhalin fir’ and the word ‘Todonotsumari (Eventually)’!

(The word ‘Todonomatsuri’ means the place where you end up going or the very last thing when you do something. Long ago, in Japan, some people named their new-born babies something that sounded like ‘Tomeru (=stop)’ when they never expect another baby, such as Tomekichi or Tomezou... Todomatsu’s name might have something to do with this practice?)

Todomatsu’s image color is pink! In anime, he’s always fashionable with a knit hat or a regular hat on. 。+。(´ω`*)♪♪ Even though he keeps his own pace, he’s so aggressive and clever when it comes to fighting with his brothers!

And again! He has quite a high Joshiryoku!

For instance, when all sextuplets went to sento (Japanese public bathhouse) together, only Todomatsu hid his chest with a towel. (I want that Joshiryoku!!!!!) He also has such a high communication skill that he picks girls up on the street and ends up having a date with them. Yes, he is sociable, ingenious and knows how to swim the tide. There is one thing, though, that he is not good at, which is taking a bath with others! He tries to refuse unnecessary baths such as bath competition shown in the episode, ‘Osomatsukun’.

Such adorable Todomatsu’s attraction is ‘having the sharpest tongue’, which is far from his charming appearance, I guess. v('ω'*v)

Todomatsu’s blistering remarks have such a good reputation that Japanese anime viewers even made the exclusive website for the remarks! (Ex. He said to Karamatsu, who tried to look cool, “Narcissist is not the word for you; it’s absolute psychopath!”) (If ‘Todomatsu’s famous words collection is to be released, I will definitely buy it!!) In anime, we often see Todomatsu calling other brothers hyenas or forestalling them, looking them down.

I just cannot help but laugh out loud every time I see him butting in precise and blistering remarks. o(^O^*=*^O^)o “Let me have the extent of your vocabulary” His remarks are brisk enough to allow me to say that!!!! Such youngest, clever and cute Todomatsu will be the main character in episode 7!

It’s quite an interesting story where we can see his personality depicted precisely!!! He hadn’t been focused on until that episode, so you will finally know how he, as a main character, is, I mean, how his blistering remarks are! Moreover, I bet you just cannot help but laugh at his expressions as well! ヾ(。>д<)ノ

Let’s cheer up such clever and cute Todomatsu together!!!!

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