Natsume Takashi

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Natsume Takashi

Natsume Takashi is a warmhearted boy who cooperates hard to try to help them, when something happen to people around him and the specters.

I want you to pay attention to the bond among Natsume, people around him and specters.
I want to recommend two points in particular!

First point is the bond between Natsume Takashi and Nyanko Sensei. One scene they tease each other is heartwarming, and another they help each other makes me willing to support them!

Second point is the friendship between Natsume Takashi and his friend Tanuma Kaname! Because both Natsume Takashi and Tanuma Kaname care a lot about and help each other with every effort when something is up, we feel so warm, so please focus on this point, too!

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