[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Saotome Alto

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Alto, who is the heroe of this work and born in the noble family of Kabuki, held admiration for the genuine sky which he had watched on his young day and goes to the training school for the pilot.

He participates in the concert of Sheryl as a stunt and gets to know her and her big fan,Ranka. It develops into three-cornered relation ship from there, but it's really enviable. He is a great good-looking man.

In such a story, a hero is usually insensitive, indecisive, and hopeless, but this Alto is no exception, too. There are several scenes which we want to feed why he does not notice.

However, he has outstanding guts and acting power, it may be said that he is a hero who seems to be a hero.

Episode 1 has a service cut in which the blood of the actor, which he cannot resist aches and takes off by oneself. It is must-see for women and girls.

There is still much coupling with Sheryl in the coterie magazine.
Because I prefer Ranka personally, I think that this is a good tendency.
I monopolize Ranka!

After he meets two heroines, and he fights with Vajra, may Alto fly in the true sky?

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