Nishinoya Yuu

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Nishinoya Yuu

School: Karasuno High School
Year: 2
Position: Libero

Everyone says Yuu is Karasuno's "Guardian Deity."
Yuu is usually very rough, like unexpectedly strong rain, but weak when being flattered. In spite of his personality, his play is calm and his height is shorter than Syouyou 's. However, his team mates say he gives us a sense of security.
At first, he was out of the team with Asahi because of some reasons, but since he came back, Yuu has joined the team too.

I like Yuu's character, because he is very noisy like a storm so that he is a kind of like cheering up everybody.

In original Manga, Yuu says if Asahi did not come back, he would not come back either. This shows how much Yuu trusts Asahi. In many games, Yuu plays with Asahi, so both shows up at the same time in Doujinshi sometimes.

In addition, Ryunosuke , who's age is the same as Yuu, has very similar character to Yuu, like both is weak at being flattered. They also show up at the same time as well once in a while.

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